Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Imagine if we forgot to take care of our personal hygiene every day; or imagine a mother forgetting to feed her child. Or what if we forgot to go to work and didn’t bother paying our bills? The thought of these actions taking place may sound unrealistic because these are common sense daily routines and activities we make, but imagine if we lost the consistency in doing these things? It may seem impossible because these are important duties that must be fulfilled, yet at times we fail to remain consistent with even great responsibilities.

These responsibilities that I am referring to are our spiritual journey. Our spiritual journey is our walk of Life. Our walk of Life is the continual discovery of our true Self in the image and likeness our Creator-God. However, we can’t discover our true Self to the fullest if there are always interruptions or distractions that makes us sway away from being consistent.

What if we really took time and desired to be consistent in our spiritual journey? A walk that doesn’t require any pressure that says “you must” but an inspiring thrust that reminds you of how great it is to renew and revive your soul; desire self analysis; devote some time in prayer and or serving others. Whatever it takes to constantly become aware everyday of our divine nature is a step in discovering our true Self.

The consistency of our spiritual life shouldn’t be a burden, but a desire to have a heart like David and be a man/woman after God’s own heart. This heart however, is not the physical but spiritual. We must strive to become consistent in being like our Father by remaining/abiding in him through our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. This is a walk that keeps us rooted and steadfast in our understanding that we are his precious stones. Therefore, we must remain strong in all that we do.

It is written, “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13). Keep in mind that remaining consistent is not always an easy job for the mind to attain, yet it is an everyday demand that requires our undivided attention, devotion and strength. And it is all worth it because it allows us to become our best.

The more we are aware of something, the more we become what we are aware of. Let us be reminded that every day is an opportunity to grow in divine knowledge and understanding. Every day is a new day to share a new revelation of the beauty of Christ. Nevertheless, we must learn to keep nurturing our divine intimacy and oneness with our Father from within. And this requires that you are faithful in being consistent, yes being conscious every second of every minute of every hour of everyday. Soon this consistency becomes your way of living.

So let’s keep the awareness of being consistent in what really matters, and that is You. It is never too late. Keep the flow of being reminded that only one thing matters and that is you discover the treasures God has for you, by remaining consistent in your walk of Life.
It is written, “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Until then, make it a productive One,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Way

There seems to be no way out- I say. No way out of this situation. I’ve batted, I’ve toiled, I’ve searched and I’ve wondered, will I ever find a way out of this misery. Why does it seem so difficult? Why do the obstacles seem to press me down and tangle me? The hurdles of life appear to be high and higher and the road more narrow. There seems to be no way, I say.

There seems to be no way out- they say. No way to make your dreams a living reality. No way to express your gifts and talents. No way to be all that God has called your to be. There is no way they said, that you can and will ever make it in this world. There is no way to fully express your creativity and make this planet a better place. For you are trapped in the system of an ongoing cycle, a cycle that leads to no where and in no where you will remain, for you are useless. There is no way out- they say.

There seems to be no out- you say. No way you can you make it and succeed in this world. No way for you to make a difference and become all that God has called you to be. There is no way for you to achieve your hearts desire, for the busyness of the world has taken you away- away to another world. This is the world where society often calls it the American dream. Yet is it truly your dream or someone else? There is no way out- you say.

There is a Way- He says. A way out of no way, for it is written, “I AM the Way the Truth and the Life” There is a way, a way out of poverty, and pain. There is a way out of bondage and lies. There is a way out of the tunnel of destruction that only leads to illusions that we have been faithfully following.

I AM the way out of no way. I AM the way to freedom, the way that expresses the gifts and talents to every man. I am the way to true happiness. I AM the way that searches every soul and awakens new meaning, new purpose in their lives. I AM the way that rejoices in all situations. I AM the way that gives strength and healing. The way that seems impossible, is the way to everlasting Life.

-Until then, make it a Productive One!

The Walk

It is your walk, a walk of glory
This is your divine walk the one that tells a story

A walk one must keep on knowing, a walk that keeps us spiritually growing.
A walk that challenges us and refines us, this is the true walk that reminds us
The plans of prosperity and the hope fulfilled as we walk in faith in His perfect will.

This is the walk that many misunderstands at times, yet you are that own unique treasure searching for that gold mine. The walk may seem bumpy, uncontrollable and much to bare, but believe in the power within that understands and continues to care.

It is not a walk to be concerned of who is with you, but a walk that knows that there is no one against you.
It is your chance to be all that you can be and live this precious moment as it is in eternity.

It is a walk that allows you to shine, a walk to share,
a walk to always treasure and not despair.
A walk that is unique and only you can take, no matter how the wind blows, yet learn to awake, that divine walk.

Now is the time to uphold this walk one step at time. Uphold the walk that was given to every human being, this is your walk of Life, the walk of glory.

-Until then make it a Productive One!

Monday, December 13, 2010

We are Busy...

We are all busy bodies...busy running back and forth from our endless thoughts to our daily tasks; for the minute we wake up, the marathon begins. Is our busyness keeping us so occupied that we are feeling empty and wipe out, thus making us more emotionally and physically tired? Or a busyness that sustains us knowing we are fulfilling our inner potentials and making a greater difference in our community/society/planet?

We are busy working and maintaining the daily demands that life brings our way; busy making ends meet; busy working on a goal; busy planning for the future; busy talking non-sense; busy being caregivers; busy surfing the net; busy complaining and worrying about tomorrow; busy eating or overeating; busy doubting; busy crying,and thinking the worse. In general we are busy-beings. By being or keeping our self busy, we often miss out on the finer things in life. And the beauty of life may start to deteriorate because we've become less in tuned with the essence of what is important. For what is urgent can only be resolved by understanding its importance.

The fact is we are occupied by a greater force. What is this force? It is an energy that keeps us going, as some may call it the ups and downs, or the flow of life, however, without proper guidance, this force may have us going in several directions. And being everywhere at the same time is not always the wisest choice due to our attention being undivided. The truth is we don't want to be fully occupied for the sake of just being busy, but be sure that our effectiveness is producing results that make a substantial difference. If we are going to be busy let it bring results that allow one to find their inner peace, self-awareness and creativity.

What happens when being busy with "something" is what we believe really matters in our lives? What if we shifted our "busyness" and became occupied with something of much valuable then the endless outside duties?

The idea is not to be so busy that we can't take time to help a stranger; or volunteer our time to visit or talk on the phone with a loved one; spend more time with the kids; do things we used to love doing or simply take care of our own personal desires. The busyness of life should not allow you to miss out on the beauty of life but enjoy it no matter how occupied you think you may be. It is quite okay to sit back and relax. Taking a few deep breaths and appreciating life guilt and worry free.

For example: A father who is loaded with an intensive work project may also have other unmet needs to take care of with his family and other personal goal(s) to attain. And if his friends invite him to share an evening out, he may have to decline because he is "busy". Now there is nothing wrong with this picture, because he can either take a break from all the demands or focus on how to resolved each of his issues. And if the busyness of his schedule keeps circulating and that nothing is really being accomplished then that is when he must re-evaluate the effectiveness of his busyness.

Although there may be nothing wrong with keeping occupied, but can we honestly say that we have control over our busy schedules or our busy schedules are controlling us? Yes, bills must paid, we must work, families must be taken care of and life must go on, but what happens when all those things pass away? Then what? Nothing should be controlling you for you have the power to overcome all situations.

By simply finding time to rest, take extra care of yourself and enjoy others as you contemplate on the wonders of nature, appreciating the beautiful beings

Wouldn't you love to take a vacation once a month or every other month and get away while sipping on your favorite drink? Or visit a Day Spa and pamper yourself? Or just relax your mind for a moment? If so what is really stopping you? Who says that a vacation can't be taken? Rather, why not take time out of your busy schedule and make something happen- or make someones day or treat yourself?!

Find time for me, myself and I.

Find time to go deep within and do a self-assessment. Take time to get to know you again,- the You that longs to come into that oneness with the Divine Source. Thus, being still and becoming one with all of His blessings.

There is time and the time is Now! So don't miss out on what is available today, for what can take care of itself.

Today, reschedule, and take time to breathe,relax, let go and let God. Take this moment and love, forgive, appreciate, rekindle and be grateful for every second of your life. For this is what matters and not the multitasking that drifts your attention away from the most important moment in your life.
Today, take time to greet someone or serve someone.
Today, take time to clear your mind and take care of yourself.

Until then,
Make it a productive One,

Sunday, December 12, 2010



Why do we let guilt eat us up?

Why is it hard to let go of the pass?

Why can't we live in the present moment?

Why do we let our emotions run us down?

Why do we say one thing yet do the opposite?

Why must we watch one suffer, when we can be the source of encouragement for them?

Why must one watch their loved one pass away, never understanding the true meaning of death?

Why do we gossip and disrespect our brothers and sisters?

Why do we believe in death, when God is the source of eternal Life?

Why do we do things when we know what the circumstances will bring?

Why do we declare that we are divine beings and we are the child of the most High, yet fail to put to action our divine nature?

Why have we allowed the false ego to take control of our minds for so long?

Why are we suffering with so much countless diseases when we have the remedy?

Why must we continue to misunderstand the nature of God?

Why do we hate, steal and lie out of desperation when the Source of abundance is available to us?

Why are we waiting? When what we are looking for is right hear and right now?

Why have we lost hope when the power of the resurrected one lives in us?

Why? It is a powerful question that remains unanswered at times. If we truly take the time to hear from the silent voice, the question 'why' will reveal to us countless treasures. But in the meantime, don't be afraid to ask...knowing that the answer lies in the depth of your heart (subconscious mind).

Until then,
Make it a Productive one!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What is Trust?

It is the five letter word that speaks in silence. The silence that can only be heard through the substantial awareness of our inner voice. This is the voice that speaks Truth, all day and everyday, every minute of every hour. It is the same Truth that resides within us and radiates in perfect harmony when we are connected with this substantial awareness which is the Wisdom of God. And from this Wisdom we learn to be still and know that all things are possible, no matter what and I repeat no matter what we seem to see or understand in the physical realm that shows us the illusions of sickness, poverty, stress, doubt and the likes.

For these are all negative thought patterns manifested from the lack of consistency in acknowledging, affirming and walking (activating) our divine inheritance-Christ. Trust is always available for us to take hold and activate. Trust says that when you doubt even at the least, its OK, because its always present for us to tap into the realities of endless possibilities and experience the wonders of God. Even though at times it seems challenging believe that God is working on our behalf, we must still Trust, for "Greater is He that is in you, then he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4). Thus, the Supremacy of God does not function according to human knowledge. By understanding the word 'Trust' from a limited point of view (by what we see & how "we" can make it happen), we are bound to trust until we see results rather then before our situations.

Keep in mind, it is written, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight" (Proverbs 3:5-6). This scripture should be understood that Trust is working in us and for us, and not according to our "human trusting", but the Trust that is working in silence. By believing with all our hearts the Divine Life within the (subconscious mind/heart), we are entrusting all our thoughts and emotions and to put faith and action, thus believing that God is working. While this is taking place we become aware of the true meaning of Trust and the limited understanding of the so called "problems" dissolves to nothing; (lean not on your own understanding & acknowledge Him) as you walk in perfect oneness with the Holy One.

So, we must do our soul search and ask questions and get answers in order to grow in our faith. Ask: Have I failed to hear the voice of Truth? Have I chosen to depend on the outside circumstances, rather then believing that it is the Wisdom of God that leads me to all things? Have I inclined my ears to hear what is contrary to the Truth and became discouraged? Have I given up on Trusting and put my trust in "others"? Is it difficult to perceive pass the tangible?

If you've answered yes or no to any or most of these questions, NOW IS THE TIME. It's time to step out and work out your salvation as Apostle Paul says in the book of Philippians. Step out and Trust Infinite Spirit who abides in you and desires to exude the beautiful qualities of Trust in your life right now.

By trusting and leaning to the Wisdom of God to discern all things, we will learn to dissolve worrying which is a form of anxiety that causes lack of concentration, irritability, intense, stress, panic attacks and anticipating the worst. And that is not the lifestyle we want.

Stop what you are doing and seek to re-evaluate the level of Trust in your life. It shouldn't have to be a difficult task, only what we make of it. Go on ahead and Trust, when you hear nothing, know that something is working and that something is the Universe, bringing all good to you because you deserve it. Trust the substantial awareness of the inner voice. Trust in You!

-Until then,
Make it a Productive One!

Monday, June 7, 2010

On this day...A Prayer

Life is so Divine...when we walk in Truth.. On this day I (we) acknowledge only Divine Truth which comes from the Mind of God...The Mind of Infinite Possibilities. For Truth causes us to only see Love, even when darkness of hatred, unforgiveness, discord, envy, lies, lust and the like takes place and seems so real in our midst...

Those who are in Him are more then conquerors...those who rejoice in Him dwell only in Joy...Those who are in Him seek only to be perfected...

On this day I (we) awaken & dwell in new beginnings- as I (we) cancel all duality and melt in the Oneness of God's power...For He who created can not destroy, He who gave Life can not bring death and He who Loves can only Love...

-Make it a Productive One,